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Our Story

At Physicians Rehabilitation Centers  we have a special focus on auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall injuries. Too often traditional chiropractic care temporarily relieves pain with repetition of alignment therapy. In most cases, proper healing requires conservative therapy, prescribed medication or in some cases surgery.

We pride ourselves on being a “mom and pop practice” where each patient is important. Simply put, our goal with medical care is to restore proper functionality to the body so our patients can move freely and comfortably.


For patients who have suffered an accident injury, we know how frustrating it is not to perform to your daily potential physically. Whether you are an active youth athlete or an older weekend warrior Dr. Abiera has more than three decades of experience with musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. Natural wear and tear on the joints or a traumatic injury can cause the entire body to fall out of alignment. If the injury does not properly heal scar tissue may form. This leads to further pain and exacerbates the injuries. 

We use treatments that are non-invasive to naturally restore alignment and help the body heal from within.

Our unique approach creates a customized treatment program based on each patient’s particular injuries and wellness needs. With our personalized approach, our entire team takes the time to get to know each patient along with his or her injuries, sources of pain, current lifestyle and wellness goals.

Meet Our Doctor

Cesar Abiera Jr., MD is a board certified medical doctor with an extensive background in injury treatment. He believes there is a better and safer way to maximize results and manage pain. As we work to relieve your symptoms we are also correcting the underlying conditions to increase your recovery success from those injuries and return to your regular lifestyle.

With over 38 years experience, Dr. Cesar Abiera Jr., MD received his education at the University of the East College of Medicine in the Phillipines.

After earning his degree he served was accepted into the internship program at Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center and went on to his residency at Scott Air Force Base Hospital.

We receive 100% of our business through word of mouth referrals and take pride in the fact that we are not affiliated with any referral services.

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“I was in a car accident that resulted in severe back injury. Dr. Abiera treated me with a mix of empathy & information. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My therapy sessions went well thanks to the wonderful staff who are friendly and compassionate! Neat and tidy location with a warm and inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend this place!!”

Cynthia H.